About us

Specialists in renewable energies

The Alps, Europe’s most important mountain range, not only enchant with their imposing peaks, forests, and breathtaking landscapes, but also represent a rich history, tradition, and experience. Besides being a symbol of unspoilt nature, they are also an example of technology and innovation in the virtuous use of renewable energy sources, such as hydropower, photovoltaics, and wind power.

Hydroalp, EPC contractor in the renewable energy sector, was born in 2015 inspired by the Alps for the values of innovation, sustainability, and integration that they represent. These values can contribute to the sustainable development of energy resources, preserving and enhancing the environment for future generations.


Hydroalp’s mission is to drive the transformation towards a sustainable future by providing comprehensive and innovative renewable energy solutions. Through our experience, expertise, and passion, we are committed to maximising the value for our customers, reducing environmental impact, and contributing to climate change mitigation.


Inspired by the beauty and the power of the Alps and guided by our core values of sustainability, integrity, innovation and collaboration, we believe in renewable energy as a means to create a better future and a better world for present and future generations.