Customer oriented


Hydroalp designs  its products taking into account every issue that hydroelectric power plants may have to deal with. Accordingly, our designers attach great importance to the compliance with all safety, efficiency and reliability requirements.


Plant layouts and general studies of turbines and hydraulic components (valves, hydraulic power units, actuators, sensors, etc.) are carried out on the basis of schemes and detail drawings issued with 3D and 2D technology in order to fully simplify the operations of installation and maintenance.
By designing our turbines with the use of CFD methods, we ensure energy efficiency optimization and control over the successful execution of a project.
Hydroalp attaches great value to safety and therefore adopts fail-safe design criteria to ensure a long service life to its systems and the fulfillment of the highest safety standards for the benefit of people and the relevant installation site.
Thanks to our experience and the use of cutting-edge computing technologies, we can offer the best solution,while still safeguarding the environment and ensuring the efficiency required for the smooth operation of your plant.


The optimal configuration of turbines, including the design of the internal fluid system of machines, is performed with the use of numerical check calculation tools and CFD simulation software.

Three-dimensional calculation codes allow to analyze the main parameters that determine the performance of a machine both at global and local level in internal areas. The CFD-assisted development of a project guarantees the optimization of turbines on the basis ofthe expected installation values by refining blade forms and determining inner dimensions in order to create a machine that perfectly meets your requirements. Therefore, it is possible to “virtually” validate the performance of a turbine already at the design stage, before starting the production.

Analysis of rotating and stationary geometries, complete machines under steady state or transient conditions, single, bi- or three-phase fluid, study of the interactions with the free surfaces of tanks or canals, fluid-structure interaction etc., are some of the services offered by Hydroalp in the fluid dynamics and structural field.


Hydroalp is always ready to provide the assistance necessary for an efficient management of your system, which needs to be kept in perfect conditions to ensure a steady income stream.
Accordingly, after sales service plays an essential role in our business and, for this purpose, we employ more than 50 skilled technicians, specialized in the mechanical, electrical and software development field.
For its more demanding customers, Hydroalp offers solutions for total plant management withc ontinuous monitoring of system parameters, immediate action following events in power plants, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of plant equipment. For those who wish to manage their plan tautonomously, Hydroalp also provides technical assistance and maintenance service to restore the functionality of plant equipment.